Why does this blog exist?

Putting excuses aside and just starting a blog. I’ve been wanted to start writing for some time now. Since learning how to code gave me an even greater urge to do so. This must be my 3rd or 4th attempted at starting a blog. I have created fancy looking blogs in the past, with focused topics. But this hasn’t sat right with me. I want to be free with what I write about.

Digital Garden

I stumbled across the term ‘Digital Garden’. Which means you just write about anything and everything. Not simply being trapped in your niche. If you like a book. Write about it. Learn something interesting? Write about it. This was right up my street. I imagine a digital garden like a ‘Curiosity Cabinet’. A Victorian era gentleman would have dedicated a room or cabinet to the weird and wonderful things they have found on their travels to exotic places. This has always fascinated me. In the time of information you could share anything interesting you discover. Like a digital curiosity cabinet.

Active Recall

The best way to learn shown in many studies is to try to recall information. This is how we remember. A blog/notes/digital garden is the perfect place for this. If I finish a book I can now write a review of it recalling the key pieces of information. This helps you learn and remember.

Learn new things

This website gives me the opportunity to practice my writing.